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Soubu, W French Quarter, New Orleans

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Nema Workshop

Interior Lighting Design
Exterior Facade Lighting Design

Starwood Hotels Group

Cooper Source Award "Creativity Award" 2013

Featured in LD+A Magazine April 2013 Issue

Designed while working for and in collaboration with REVEAL Design Group

Paying homage to mixology, SoBou is truly a ‘spirited restaurant’. Courtney Mark together
with Nemaworkshop was brought in to realize a classy, sassy and modern interpretation of the saloon in the heart of the French Quarter located within the W-Hotel.

Tools of mixology loaned by the Museum of the American cocktail displayed with abstracted symbols of New Orleans’ music history create an immersive and dazzling environment.

A linear series of infinity boxes showcasing illuminated frosted and clear bottles whisks patrons’ eyes through the exposed brick wall into dizzying luminescent tunnels. Walls lined with shelves with bottles of varying translucencies are uplit with linear LED strips creating a sparkling glass curtain that envelops diners while ceiling slots and banquette backs are
illuminated with xenon lighting strips to create a warm perimeter glow.

The main mixology bar features a frosted oval table reserved for special tastings. It glows from within, transmitting light through stemware with colorful concoctions highlighting each drink’s artful construction.

Custom designed light features provide an ambient and welcoming quality of light, while paying chic homage to mixology and the city’s rich music and culinary culture. Coordinating these major lighting elements on a conservative budget
was a challenge that was met by developing cost effective and easily implemented lighting details to create the immersive and alluring space that marks a new beginning in New Orleans’ sparkling history.

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